Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why is it NOT happening yet? - a Law of Attraction No-No!

In just the asking of the question “Why is it not happening yet?” you are giving attention to the fact that it is not happening – which is what you will continue to attract …
nothing happening.

It’s all about your focus. If you keep on looking for the manifestation of your desires, observing that you haven’t achieved what you want and feeling bad about it, you will continue to attract more of the same life experiences. Your focus is all around the lack of something that you want, not the eager anticipation of manifesting what you want! You can tell if you are focused on the lack of something by how you feel when you think about it.

If you are frustrated, disappointed, discouraged, then you are focused on the lack of having it!

Think about it ... if you are frustrated and disappointed, how are you ever going to attract what you really want? If weight loss is your goal, are you going to be motivated to go to that gym or do something active and fun if you are feeling bad about where you are at? No, of course not.

Same goes for the subject of MONEY ... if you keep on taking a snapshot of where you are at and judging it as a "bad thing" and feeling horrible about it, how can you ever be a MONEY MAGNET?! You can't!

What you concentrate on … expands. (That's the Law of Attraction in action!)

So, if you concentrate on your goal or dream not happening, what will you get? More proof that it is not happening. Not only that, you will get very discouraged! And the energy of "discouraged" can NOT bring to you the positive manifestations. How could it?

You must turn your focus to what is working, the little “wins”, the proof that things are moving in the direction of your dreams. Look for that proof. Find the shifts that are happening that are definitely taking you in the right direction. If you can’t find anything in your life that proves that you are on your way, look for the evidence elsewhere that what you want is possible.

Find the empowering stories in the news. Here are a couple of mine:

Click here to read about my story of successful weight loss and to download a free report on how to reset your mindset to permanently lose that excess weight! (And YES, you will see a before and after picture there!)

Visit here if you want to read about how I am living life to its fullest and maintaining great health, even after a diagnosis of MS! You can treat any diagnosis of a chronic health condition as just a bump in the road!

Observe instances where others have turned adversity into opportunity and then say to yourself “If they can do it, I can too!” You can choose to do that, just by reading my stories above! And if you find yourself cooking up a story about why they can have it and you can’t, stop and realize that it is just your fear and your gremlins talking! You can have anything you want when you change your mindset and belief around whether you can have it.

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t (only the ones that you are telling yourself).

Change your story to one that is more empowering and watch the magic happen in your life.

And when all else fails and you find yourself with such a negative emotional charge around the dream you are not manifesting, turn your focus to something completely different - something that brings you pure joy! Make a list of things that put a smile on your face and make sure you do at least one of these things when you are in a funk about your dream not manifesting. Here are a few examples of things that are on my Smile List:

1) Go out to my favorite restaurant with my honey (if you are wondering, I LOVE PF Changs!)
2) Take a 4-mile walk down by the river
3) Connect with my wonderful community of positive friends on Twitter
4) Pet my favorite neighborhood dog
5) Read a great inspirational book
6) Watch a funny movie
7) If I am in the mood - declutter! (the energy of de-cluttering can feel SO freeing!)
8) Take a road trip
9) Coaching my wonderful clients

You would be amazed at what happens when you turn your focus to that which puts a smile on your face and brings you great joy. The desires and dreams you want start manifesting with ease. Start making your very own Smile List and turn to it when you are feeling frustrated that your dreams and desires are not here yet!

So, instead of having that mentality of the kid who keeps on asking on that road trip “Are we there yet?”, start enjoying the journey of getting there and know, right down to the core of your being that you WILL get there. Just know!

Decide that you will get there and leave the HOW to the Universe!

Create an extraordinary Lovin' Life day for yourself!


Regina Lark 1:32 PM  

I really appreciate this blog post. I started 2 companies in the last 18 months. When people ask, "are you successful?" I generally respond with yes, I'm doing incredible well because every day I learn new things about myself, my business, and what it takes to be a success.

I don't measure success by $$ in the bank (or ## to lose) but by how I feel about my progress. I'm flexible and sure of what I am doing so really... "it" is always happening!

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