Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Your Burning Questions about Health & Wellness: Heart Palpitations at work?! ... A Law of Attraction perspective!

I recently asked the following on a Law of Attraction Forum, looking for people's burning questions around health and wellness (since I am passionate about teaching people how to be pro-active when it comes to their health and to address the stress before it turns into a physical symptom). Here's the question I posted on that forum:

I am doing a very informal survey here and would love to know what Good Vibe University members would like to see and learn more about when it comes to the topic of overall health and wellness. So, what are your burning questions (if you have any) when it comes to being a deliberate creator around your health?

Nothing is off limits here! Post away!


For the next few days, I am going to post some of the questions I got (anonymous, of course) and the answers I posted:

So, here's question #1:
Have you had any experience with heart palpitations?
My sister, who is very healthy, is experiencing them as of late.
She's says they increase when she goes to work (she's a beautician)
She's now taking COQ10 and Hawthorne berry which is a heart tonic
She's very much into Abraham and understands what
stressful thinking can do. Just would like to
hear your ideas on deliberately creating
a new way of dealing with this bit of stress

Here's my answer:

I personally have NOT had any experiences with heart palpitations. However, when it comes to any health symptoms, it is important to pay attention to your body and notice when the symptoms seem to occur. Since you said that your sister gets them when she goes to work, if I was working with her as her LOA Health Coach, I would want to delve a bit deeper as to what her emotions were before going to work, during and after. There could be a correlation (or not), but many physical manifestations occur from emotional "stuff" (non-technical term) or "baggage" that we carry around (that we don't even know we have).

As far as dealing with the stress, there are many tools that I use with my clients (and myself too) that help a great deal to reduce (or dare I say --- ELIMINATE) the stress. My latest technique that I am all juiced about (which many of you probably can hear when I talk about it) is NPA. If you haven't already, listen to Joel's call on this simple, yet powerful technique that can help to reduce the stress and bring in a greater sense of calm and peace. And it does it pretty quickly too (if you are open to it). I also have worked with the Sedona Method and other meditation & visualization techniques to release stress. I also find simple breathing techniques can help a great deal.

For many of my clients, the stress is felt as a result of some story they are telling themselves that is no longer empowering (it may have been at one time, but it is not working for them any longer). I am thinking of a Doctor client who has a belief that you have to work hard to succeed -- the whole "no pain, no gain" mentality. But now through the coaching she is realizing that that belief is only making her feel more stressed and keeping her from spending quality time with her 6 kids (yes, SIX!). So, now she is crafting a new story that feels so much better to her, re-designing her "environment" so that it brings her more peace, and doing the NPA on the spot in her office when she is having an out-of-control moment.

Hope this helps.

Stay tuned for more preventive Health & Wellness questions and answers from a Life Coach's perspective.

To your Health & Happiness,
Maria C. Lesetz


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