Monday, April 18, 2005


My family, friends, work associates & acquaintances have always told me that I exude a great deal of confidence. My coaching clients have told me that as a result of working with me, their self-confidence has improved a great deal. Where would you put yourself on the Confidence scale? (0= No Self-Confidence to 10 = Extremely Self Confident)?

Here's a little summary on confidence from a book by Norman Vincent Peale:

"I demonstrate CONFIDENCE each time I...

* Do not let mistakes or failures erode my self image
* Do not fear being measured against others' expectations.
* Act with easy coolness and freedom from uncertainty and embarrassment.
* Act decisively
* Hold nothing back in my quest for what is desired.
* Believe I have the knowledge, intuition, abilities, and know-how to competently
complete projects.
* Use positive words of expectation in conversations.
* Am quick to volunteer ideas and suggestions."

These are some of the behaviors that people exhibit when they are confident and believe in themselves. I think that the confidence and belief I have in myself is one of the key reasons that I enjoy life immensely. Have I ever second-guessed some of my decisions? Of course I have... for a split second! But I always believe in ME and know that everything I choose to do and what happens after that happens for a reason. I believe that I can do ANYTHING if I set my mind to it and if I really want it to happen. I live my life on my own terms NOT what other people expect of me. This is MY life and I want you to know that your confidence in yourself and the belief that you can overcome any challenge you are facing are the significant pieces to the formula for Lovin' Life! What you believe about yourself and your life STRONGLY influences how you experience your life.

Why do my clients say that their confidence soars after working with me? Because I believe in them AND I allow them the space to believe in themselves... to envision their life exactly as they want it to be and to hold that vision and make it more of a reality with each day that passes. I help them to recognize their limiting beliefs and to start re-writing the story they tell themselves about what they can do and what is possible!

Start believing in yourself and your abilities to overcome any challenge you are facing. Begin to demonstrate some of the behaviors above so that you too can build your confidence and improve the way you experience your life. Your self confidence and belief in YOU will play a significant role in improving your overall health and well-being!


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