Friday, April 01, 2005

Staying Calm when Feeling Overwhelmed

I just completed doing a massive upgrade to my website and yes, there was a point there where I was extremely overwhelmed, working non-stop for many weeks. I am an intense worker and when I am determined to complete something, there is no stopping me. However, I can still reach the point of overwhelm, too! And I sure did! By the end of the completion of the upgrade, my brain had reached "saturation point".

What I found helpful was to
1) recognize that I was in this state of overwhelm
2) do something that was going to clear my head and bring me back to a centered place of calm and relaxed. For me, that was taking a walk by the river (even if it was just 1 hour, it was still a welcomed break!) .
3) listen to someone close to me when they told me that I needed to take a break. Sometimes the people around us can see if we are feeling overwhelmed before we actually know we are overwhelmed. It was a good reminder for me to stop, take a breath and take some quality, fun-time for me! Which I did!
4) not let any small irritations or issues get in the way of the bigger picture of what I was trying to accomplish.

"It isn't worth it to spend $1,000 worth of emotion on a five cent irritation." - Quote by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale


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