Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jessica Simpson and Your Body Image?

Even though a couple days have passed since this ridiculous media story on Jessica Simpson, I just couldn't help to comment on it on my Weight Loss and Law of Attraction blog!

First of all, what was FOX thinking when they mocked Jessica Simpson's weight in that cartoon??? Really? Are you kidding me?

Do not let this story or any other story that is attacking someone because of their physical appearance impact your overall body image. These stories have nothing to do with you!

As a Law of Attraction Health Coach, here's what else I have to say on the matter:

1) News flash ... It only matters what Jessica Simpson thinks about her body! She said on Twitter "I will never understand why people attack for a laugh. Own your beauty and don't listen to the judgment!" Amen to that, Jessica! And don't even try to understand why people do what they do. You are absolutely right - We all should "own our beauty" and (let me add) not give a rip about what other people think or say about us. First of all, that says more about them than it does about us!

2) When the media reports stories like this, we have to remember one simple thing (no matter who you are -- whether you are an adult or a young girl or boy who is conscious of their weight):

=> If what you hear doesnt make you feel good, then turn it off, change the channel and don't let it absorb into your belief system.
It has nothing to do with you!

3) Love yourself just for who you are. I mentioned this in my You Tube video (see side panel of this blog to view the video on Law of Attraction and Weight Loss) -- You have to find the things you love about yourself and appreciate who you are right in this moment. If you don't like yourself or you judge yourself as being fat, flabby, out-of-shape, you are not going to be able to easily attract to you the body that you do want. It's quite de-motivating to believe in those type of things that you are telling yourself.

Be at peace with where you are at, with a clear intention of where you want to go with your overall health and wellness.

Well, that's what I have to say on this topic ... and don't even get me started on the Barbie Doll and Fat ankles story. Again, pay it no mind. It's just a story and it has nothing to do with your body image.
Think highly of yourself! Know that you are beautiful, no matter how much you weigh.
A person with confidence and a deep appreciation for who they are is far more attractive than any person who just happens to be super skinny (by the standards of the critics out there!)

Own your beauty!


AffirmingSpirit 7:38 PM  

Love this battle cry, Maria: Own Your Beauty, Your Fitness, Your Body, Your Temple!

What others think (or say) of me is none of my business, because what they think (or say) only REVEALS WHO THEY ARE. Let them reveal themselves to the world, while you keep your focus on what brings you joy and lifts your spirit!

Many blessings,

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