Thursday, October 08, 2009

Weight Loss -The Law of Attraction way!

Years ago when I started this blog it was all about how to treat being diagnosed with a chronic health condition as just a bump in the road of life, specifically Multiple Sclerosis. It was as a result of my own diagnosis and my passion for helping people trasnform their lives as a Life Coach, that got me writing. Over the years, this blog has morphed into a variety of different topics but has always hovered around one main theme: Health & Wellness and how we have the power within us to alter and improve our overall state of health.

What I have learned about the blogging world is that the more specific you are about your topic, the more readers will find you and be inspired by your words and message. My three niches that I am super passionate about as a Health & Wellness Coach are the following:

1) Weight Loss and Law of Attraction -- basically, how to think & feel your way to a healthier & fit body --- Your MindSet is more important than you think it is to being successful with your weight loss journey.

2) Helping Doctors avoid burnout, reduce stress & improve their work/life balance -- I am a Certified Life Coach for Doctors/Physicians and am passionate about helping those in the Medical Profession to improve their own overall health & well-being so that they can give their very best to their patients & that their personal satisfaction with their own profession significantly improves.

3) Life Coaching for people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (especially those who are newly diagnosed with MS!) -- helping them improve their overall health by learning the Laws of Attraction and leveraging them in their favor so that they can turn their overall state of health around.

As passionate as I am about all three niches above, I have decided to make this blog about Weight Loss, the Law of Attraction way! First off, let me state that I have personally lost 70 lbs and have kept it off for over 17 years and counting -- so I do know something about this topic and I am very passionate about helping my clients see the same permament weight loss that I have been fortunate to experience!

If you are someone who is looking to lose that excess weight permanently and learn how to conquer what appears to be that unending battle of the bulge .. then stay tuned... This is going to be the blog for you.

In the meanwhile, check out my You Tube video on how to Lose Weight using the Law of Attraction where you will get an introduction on the topic and how to reset your mindset to manifest the healthy & fit body you are looking for.

For future posts I plan on interviewing people who are currently on the journey of losing weight to bring to life some real life stories and then give you my coaching perspectives on how each and every one of you can lose that weight for good!

I will admit, that even though I have a healthier & more fit body than I had 17 years ago, every once and a while I slip into that "fat mindset" and I catch myself in the act so that I can shift my mindset back to one that is aligned with wellness, fitness, well-being and loving myself. Because I know how to shift my mindset, I still maintain a healthy & fit body.

More to come about your mindset and how it has EVERYTHING to do with your success with losing weight. Stay tuned ...


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