Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reset your Fat MindSet!

Now, don't take offense to the title of this blog post. I sometimes have a "fat mindset" too - but I know how to shift it quickly to a "fit mindset" so that I continue to maintain a healthy & fit body! Read on and see how having a "fat mindset" will sabatoge your weight loss success.

First, let's talk about what a "fat mindset" would look like ...

As a Law of Attraction Weight Loss Coach, I hear lots of new clients coming to me and complaining about the way they look. They are focused only on what they don't like about their body and in particular they refer to themselves as a "fat slob", "flabby", "digusting" ... and the list goes on. Their self-image of their body is in a very negative place. Basically, they are dissatisfied with the way they look and focus on this very feeling throughout the course of the day.

Does that sound like you? When you look in the mirror do you appreciate the body you have or do you frown upon it and right away laser focus on the parts of your body that you don't like and have massive judgment around?!

If you are like many, you tend to laser focus on the negatives and on the parts of your body that are not fit and look out-of-shape. And what happens after that? Well, there's a lot of "beating up on yourself" and judgment that takes place in that mind of yours.

That is what I am calling a Fat MindSet. You are focusing on the exact thing that you want to get rid of and you are feeling bad about it! (That last part of how you feel when you look at your excess fat is a critical component that must change in order for you to attract that healthy and fit body that you so want to have!)

Now, if you are not familiar with the Law of Attraction, the premise is simple:

Your thoughts & feelings create your reality. You are a creator of your life experiences, which are influenced by the nature of the thoughts you choose to think and the feelings that you have in response to those thoughts.

Said another way, what you concentrate on expands. Yes, that waistine of yours can expand even more if you keep on focusing on how "fat" you are.

Seriously, how can you expect to attract a healthy and fit body if you are focused on the exact opposite. Think about it on a different topic ... one that you probably don't have as big of an emotional charge on -- let's take owning your own business. As an entrepreneur you want to be wildly successful. But let's say, you are focusing on the lack of income that you have coming in and you are also looking at the products that you sell and you are not very happy with them -- you perceive your products to be less than optimal. With this mindset, how could you expect to attract clients who love your products and what you have to offer? How could you attract success if you feel "less than" or like a failure? Well, you wouldn't. You can't have a "lack" or "failure" mentality and attract success -- it is NOT going to happen! People who are successful believe in themselves, have a self confidence that is felt by everyone that they interact with. It's an invincible energy that impacts their success. And when things are not going well for them, they just keep their eyes on their dream - they don't let setbacks stop them from being successful.

The same principle can apply to any area of your life. Weight loss is no exception. What you think about your body plays a major role in how successful you are with this weight loss journey.

So, how do you change your "Fat MindSet"?
* Change what you are focusing on.

* See the things that you like about yourself.

* Focus more on that fit body that you want to have instead of focusing on your unfit body!

* Start accepting and loving who you are right now, no matter what your body looks like.

Acceptance is the key to attracting the change you are seeking. When you are at peace with where you are at with a clear and detached intention of where you want to go, that's when the positive manifestations happen! Your health and fit body is on its way!


Elizabeth,  7:33 PM  

You couldn't have said it any better, Maria. Thank you for this post. As a personal trainer I tell my clients all the time that what they think about their body plays a huge role in their weight loss success.

I would love to refer you to my clients so that they could also have a MindSet Coach which will definitely be the catalyst to their long-term success with a maintaining a healthy & fit body. I will contact you soon.

~ Elizabeth

AffirmingSpirit 12:59 PM  

Hi, Maria,

It's counter-intuitive, but when we focus on *loving* what IS...the way our body currently is...even though that's not how we want it to stay, accepting and appreciating (the way it is currently) opens the door for more reasons to accept and appreciate!

I also like how you tell folks to "take score" of only what makes them feel good: How much exercise they DID get, How much water they DID drink, How good they WERE to themselves, etc.

This is a good message for all to hear!

Many blessings,

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