Friday, July 21, 2006

Diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis)?

Since I have been diagnosed with MS in 2002, I have spoken to MANY people who have experienced this disease firsthand as well. The one thing that I have noticed is that the attitude the person has towards the diagnosis is way more important than the drugs or alternative therapies they choose to use to "treat" it.

Now, I know that's a big statement but it is 100% true! If you believe that the diagnosis is going to be the "end of the road" for you, than most likely it will turn into that. However, here's the good news ... if you can take on the attitude that this is just "another bump in the road" in your life (afterall, we all have major bumps in our life and some of them are not that pleasant ... but somehow, things do work out in the long run!), then your quality of life with Multiple Sclerosis or any disease for that matter will be improved at least ten-fold!

My website has been the resource center and motivational place for many people newly diagnosed for people with MS AND for others who have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition. Just visit or and check it out.

If you are struggling with health challenges, it is so important to know and understand that you can do far more than treat yourself with drugs. You must believe in yourself and know, without a doubt, that you have the power within you to thrive through this health challenge and improve your overall health and well-being.

My clients have a chance to look within themselves and find the power within them to be unstoppable when dealing with a health challenge and overcome all the obstacles -- mostly with a different attitude -- one that's empowering to them and helps them to move forward instead of staying still or looking back in the past.

My goal is to form a Global Network Empowerment Group for people with chronic health conditions. I have the mission statement for this group and just need to attract and manifest the people and the resources that will help me to realize this dream. You see, from my experience of "support groups", they do NOT help people ... matter of fact, I have heard many people tell me that they feel worse after they attend one of these support groups (especially MS Support groups).

Contact me for a complimentary, conditional consultation that will absolutely empower you and help you to deal with your own health challenge as "just another bump in the road". I can't say this enough ... "you have tons of control over how you do with this disease! Your health also depends on YOU!"

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