Friday, July 21, 2006

MLM - Network Marketing: Good or Bad?

A long time ago I had a negative reaction when someone told me about MLM Opportunities (Multi-Level Marketing). When I look back at that, I really don't know why besides the fact that it really bothered me that I would be making all the people at the top of the pyramid very rich if I was building my own successful network.

But now, many years later, I have a very different viewpoint on the topic. I realize now that the reason why I didn't like multi-level marketing a long time ago, was not a good enough reason for me not to get involved in a real good one at this point in time of my life. After all, the reason I gave (the people at the top get rich because of my efforts) sounds EXACTLY like what happens in the corporate world with the exception that I never had the chance to build my own network of people and a passive income flow in the corporate world settting. Interesting, isn't it? If you work for corporate, are you benefiting (REALLY) from all your hard work? Are you able to call the shots on how you build your income? No. And does it really matter if you are making someone else rich, if you are creating financial wealth for yourself as well?

I believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I was introduced to this Biotech company, whose mission is to become the world leader in healthy aging, as a result of my own quest to find top-notch Natural nutritional supplements to continue to maintain a healthy body.

I knew a woman that was using these Natural products and also sold them and every time I spoke to her she was SO passionate about the quality and benefits that these products could bring to one's overall health and well-being. So, I had to look into it! How could I not?

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Either way, I can assure you that this is one of the top Network Marketing companies out there from both a products standpoint AND a compensation standpoint. (I was SO impressed when I heard that this Natural products company did pharmaceutical-grade research on all their products ... they don't have to ... but they do! They actually have data to prove the efficacy of their products. Now, THAT impressed me - the statistician!)

So, is Network Marketing "good" or "bad", it's really what you believe it to be. I think it is GREAT --- what a way to build wealth if you get into the right company -- that's the key!
There are many people that are millionaires because of their involvment with a Relationship Marketing or Network Marketing company. I am sure if you asked them they would say "Network Marketing is GREAT!"

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