Thursday, July 27, 2006

Life Lessons in the Lottery

I tend to dream A LOT – my mind is so active, even while I sleep! My friends tell me that’s because I am an overachiever and can’t let my mind rest and that’s why I got MS - they told me I should be stupid like them! :) Now, they are only joking … humor is a good thing for everyone’s overall health and well-being!

Anyway, the other night I had a dream of a 4 digit # which was written clearly on a spoon (Yes, “a spoon”… interesting, huh?). It was so vivid that when I woke up in the middle of the night that 4 digit # was on my mind – so I made sure that I remembered it by morning.

I decided that day to play the Pick 4 with that # (even though I am a statistician and know the odds on things, I still play every once in a while --- “hey, you never know!” And anyway, you know that I don’t pay attention to the odds … my motto is to “Defy all odds”! Try that motto on for size .. it may suit you real well!

Anyway, my number did not come out that day, so I played it the next day. The one thing I forgot to tell you was that the Pick 4 runs FOUR times during the day in Oregon– so I had this philosophy that I will play the drawing that is up next when I buy the ticket (sounded logical to me, instead of gambling $4 per day for a while). So, the second day I played my number for the 7:00PM drawing. The next morning, I checked the lottery and I couldn’t believe my eyes … my EXACT # came out at 10:00 PM, instead of 7:00 PM --- I would have won at least $2000.00!

Now, I have to admit, initially I was pretty upset – I was mad at myself that I didn’t play an extra $1 that day. However, then I had my partner remind me about the “Law of Attraction”. So, I said to myself: “What are you doing? You are getting all upset and putting out negative vibes into the universe --- hey, you were 3 hours close to winning the most amount of money you have ever won in a lottery! That’s a good thing!” Now, I could have chosen to be bummed all day. I could have chosen to kick myself in the “you know what” all day long. I could have chosen to spew some self-talk that would have been very disempowering. But the lesson I have learned from practicing the principles of the “Law of Attraction” is that whatever I attract into my life is in direct proportion to the vibes that I am giving off on a daily basis. So, I finally chose (thanks to my partner) to look at this “near winning” as a good thing. I was SOOOOO close! I just need to keep on feeling the current abundance I have in my life and that’s exactly what I will attract into my life – more abundance (and from sources that are pleasant surprises!).

So, what’s your lesson from this story?

Next time ... I will win something big because I already FEEL the abundance in my life! :)

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